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The SQN-4S Series IVe Miniature 4:2 ENG Audio Mixer
is now no longer available.
It has been superseded by the Five Channel SQN-5S
The original broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and radio locations

The SQN-4S, which has been the unrivalled Industry standard portable audio mixer since it was the first to arrive on the scene back in 1984, has now given way to the SQN-5S.
5S View
The new mixer offers the same convenience of operation in exactly the same size case but with five full channels and reduced weight and power consumption. Anyone familiar with the earlier mixer will be immediately at home with the SQN-5S. Any organisation that is currently using the 4S will find that the new mixer is completely compatible with the old. If you were thinking of buying a 4S, you can't go wrong by moving up to the 5S.
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