Notes on our repair service

Our Service Manager is Mr. Bob Hunt, who has unrivalled experience in the repair of our products. Our mixers were built to last a lifetime and we have yet to encounter one, regardless of age, which could not be restored, unless it has been dropped in the sea. Even then we can usually revive it.

The first question we are likely to be asked, often before we have even seen the mixer, is what will be the cost? It must be understood that it is not practicable for us to offer a service of providing estimates in advance of undertaking work, as it is impossible for us to know how many hours and what spare parts will be needed to restore a mixer to its original specification. Also in the film and broadcast industries time is usually of the essence and down time must be minimised. The important thing is that damage or malfunction be repaired as soon as possible at reasonable cost and to the standards always operated in our factory, so the mixer can be returned to service.

So what will it cost? As a guideline, there is a minimum charge of £90, which includes handling charges and the first hour of technician's labour, but not parts, return carriage or VAT. Parts are charged according to our Parts Price List, which can be supplied on request. Additional hours are charged at £60 or a fraction thereof.

How long will it take? In practice we find that simple repairs are usually returned within ten days of receipt. Complex repairs or faults of an intermittent nature may lead to this period being exceeded, as will the volume of mixers received for service and repair.

What guarantee is offered? Our repairs are guaranteed as to materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months. This warranty cannot of course extend to the mixer as a whole, but only to the work undertaken. However mixers leaving our repair facility do so with a clean bill of health and a full report on the work carried out.

How to pay? Mixers being returned by broadcasters, hire companies and others who have established credit facilities with us should ensure they are accompanied by an official order to avoid delays. Those without such facilities will be asked to pay for repairs before the mixer is returned, which is usually accomplished by credit card -a process best completed by telephone.

What if I am outside the UK? It is recommended to customers outside the UK that their mixer be sent by the postal service, as it will come straight to the Isle of Man and Customs delays are thereby minimised. Where shipping agents such as DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. are used it is vital that the accompanying waybill and documentation make it very clear that the mixer will only be a TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR REPAIR or H.M.Customs in England will raise import duties, VAT and other charges which may have to be re-charged to the customer. Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is available to avoid such charges, so it is essential the shipping agent is notified of the nature of the consignment and knows how to process its arrival in the UK correctly.

What else should I do? Before sending a mixer for repair it is worthwhile making a final check that it is actually faulty and that the problem is not caused by cabling or other external equipment. Do not return carrying bags or other gear which will only add needlessly to shipping costs. Pack the mixer carefully to avoid further damage in transit. Tissue paper and a jiffy bag will not do!

And what about my cables? As well as our mixers we also carry out repairs to the cable assemblies supplied for use with them. There is a nominal charge per cable of £19.00 but note that this does not include parts, return carriage or VAT. Connectors are charged according to our Parts Price List, which can be supplied on request.

What if I just want Spare Parts? We are prepared to supply others who wish to carry out repairs to SQN mixers with Spare Parts on request (minimum order value £20), but it will be appreciated that their range covers hundreds of components fitted since 1980 and a great many have not been manufactured for years so we cannot guarantee their availability.

As is well known, problems with SQN mixers are rare, but if you have a problem -or just need advice, please feel free to discuss matters with us by telephone or email

January 2022